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 Fall Season 2014

We will be sending out notice of our in-person registration events soon.  However, you can sign up your player(s) online at www.eayso.org.  We have implemented e-sign this year for both our players and volunteers so you can fill out everything and electronically sign online.  You will need to make sure you complete the e-sign.  Then you can print one copy of the form and either mail it with payment to:

AYSO Region 253
PO Box 507
Valley Center, KS  67147

or bring the form and payment to one of the upcoming in-person registration events.

Fees are remaining at $90 and it covers both Fall and Spring - uniform is included (shirt, shorts, socks)

Returning volunteers or parents who have never used 
www.eAYSO.org will need to click on the appropriate button (described below) and follow the instructions to create an email login/password.  You will then be prompted to contact 866-588-2976 to have your current AYSO volunteer or player ID linked with your new eAYSO login.

 Volunteer - I am a Returning Volunteer, but I have never used eAYSO

Parent-Player - My child has played in AYSO, but we never have used eAYSO

We are ready for an exciting soccer season.  In-person registration events will be sent out soon.  Please let everyone know this information.


 Region 253 Home Field Change

AYSO Region 253 has change locations for their home games.  For the Fall 2013 season all home games for Region 253 will be behind the Valley Center Middle School located at 800 N. Meridian
Valley Center, Kansas 67147.  The field is part of the McKay-Petrie Sports Complex behind the Middle School.

Click here for directions to the sports complex.




AYSO Region 253 Board Member


We are always seeking volunteers who are willing to help our region run better.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a board member for information.




Volunteers Needed
We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing a safe, fun and fair environment for the development of youth soccer skills. We are glad your family has chosen to be members of the AYSO Region 253 family. Help make this exciting and enjoyable soccer experience even better by volunteering a small amount of your time. You can make a positive difference for the kids.







We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give. --Winston Churchill

Without volunteers we would not have a program for our kids to play recreational soccer!
Our coaches, refs and staff donate numerous hours to insure our kids play in a Fun, Safe & Positive environment!

To all, please remember that the coaches and refs are volunteers and we need them!
Please, keep your comments positive!



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Julie Foudy Supports AYSO Soccer


Julie Foudy was a midfielder for the United States women's national soccer team from 1987 through 2004.. She served as the team's co-captain from 1991-2000 and the Captain from 2000 through her retirement in 2004. Foudy played in 4 Women's World Cups, winning two FIFA World Championships -- in 1991 and 1999. She also played in 3 Summer Olympic Games, winning an Olympic Gold Medal in 1996, Silver in 2000, and Gold again in 2004. Her retirement after the 2004 Olympic Games, alongside fellow soccer legends Mia Hamm and Joy Fawcett marked the end of what the media labeled the "golden era" of women's soccer.


AYSO Mission Statement:
To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun family environment based on our philosophies: Everyone Plays; Balanced Teams; Open Registration; Positive Coaching; Good Sportsmanship and Player Development.




To be a great soccer player, you must be in love with the game.  You must love its culture, its nuances, the equipment, the skills it requires, the lessons it teaches you, and of course, the passion it creates among those who play and watch worldwide.  In short, one of the most important parts of soccer is enjoying it.

 -Mia Hamm     




Want to be notified about registration dates, team pictures and more? Join the AYSO 253 Mailing List!

Your e-mail will only be used for AYSO official use only.

To join the new AYSO Region 253 Mailing List, CLICK HERE . If you were a member of the old mailing list, you will need to sign up again to be included in the new mailing list. The purpose of this list is to keep the AYSO community informed about the news and upcoming events of AYSO Region 253. Regional newsletters and announcements will distributed through this list, as well as general information about the AYSO kids zone and parenting youth athletes.











Is there a Magical Pill that you can take to help your child be successful in AYSO soccer? Yes, there is. But can you swallow it? Click here for more information about soccer's magical pill

Do you know the Rules of Parental Behavior at Their Kid's Games? If not, take a look and see how well your behavior matches up.Click Here  

Have you heard about the Ten Commandments for Parental Behavior at Sporting Events?Click Here

No Pets Allowed

Pets are not permitted on the soccer fields  at any time, even if on a leash.  This is necessary for the safety of our players. Many children have been bitten by a "normally gentle" dog. Your cooperation is necessary to maintain safe environment for our children. This includes during practices as well as games.


Designated Spectator  Areas    

All of the regions in our AYSO area have designated spectator seating areas. In general, spectators will sit on one side of the field and coaches and players will sit on the opposite side of the field. Coaches and/or referees will ask spectators who sit on the wrong side of the field to move to the designated spectator area. You cooperation is much appreciated!    




The AYSO Team

The AYSO team is made up of players, referees, coaches and parents. Each of us helps create the environment that our children develop in. For more information about how the AYSO Team can create a supportive environment for AYSO players, click here .

Why is soccer such a great sport in which to get your child involved? Click Here 

AYSO Philosophy

The philosophy of AYSO soccer is that:


  • Everyone Plays Our goal is for kids to play soccer. So we mandate that every player on every team must play at least half of every game.
  • Balanced Teams We set up teams as evenly balanced as possible - because it's more fun when teams of equal ability play.
  • Positive Coaching The way to make winning kids is by building them up, not down. We train and encourage our coaches to make the extra effort to understand and offer positive help to our players, rather than negative criticism.
  • Open Registration Our programs are open to all children between the ages of 5 and 18 who want to register and play soccer. Interest and enthusiasm are the only criteria for playing.
  • Good Sportsmanship We desire to create a positive environment based on mutual respect, rather than a win-at-all-costs attitude. All our programs must be designed to instill good sportsmanship in every facet of AYSO.
  • Player Development We believe that all players should be able to develop their soccer skills and knowledge to the best of their abilities, both individually and as members of a team, in order to maximize their enjoyment of the game.


AYSO Programs

AYSO has several programs in place to support and protect the players and volunteers, as well as to make the AYSO experience more enjoyable for everyone. Click here to learn more about Safe Haven, Kids Zone and Short-sided Games.


by Larry Hughes

A few years ago I was refereeing a U-8 game in Phoenix. The playing field was right under the approach for planes and helicopters landing at Luke Air Force Base. The players were all trying their hardest to advance the ball in the direction of their opponents' goal. In other words, the beehive was on the move. Suddenly, we heard the whirling noise of four helicopters above moving in unison toward their destination.

The play stopped dead in the middle of the field and all looked to the sky to see these beautiful flying machines - all, that is, except one player with one thing on his mind, to score. He dribbled his best through and around all the gawking players and the referee and shot the ball into the net. Needless to say, he was celebrating big time, shouting, "I scored! I scored! I scored! His celebration was cut short when one player said to him, "So What? You didn't see the helicopters."

Remember, coaches, referees and parents, it's what's important to the children that counts!

Hey Kids!

For some soccer fun, click here! You will find soccer puzzles, mazes, online soccer games, and coloring pages. Ask your parents if you can try them out!

Want some ideas about how to be a good sport? Click Here

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                           Do you know what foods to eat before the big game to help your body be the best it can be? Click Here !

                           Why is is so important to drink lots of water during practice and at games? Click Here for more information.

                           Do you know how to stay safe in the sun? Click Here

                           What do other kids have to say about fair play? Click Here

                           What do other kids have to say about how your attitude effects sports? Click Here

                          Send in your soccer drawings and view them in our AYSO Art Gallery. Click Here



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